3 rainbow nursery inspirations you’ll love

How do you feel about decorating with an amazing creature: the rainbow and creating a wonderful rainbow nursery for your little one? Sometimes mother nature is the best designer and she gives us so much inspiration to choose from when setting up a nursery room or kids room. Finding the perfect one and only main colour can be really hard as we will stare those tones for months and maybe years in the kids room. Luckily enough we can make the decision a bit easier according to the latest rainbow theme trend – you can’t tell me you haven’t met this wonderful boho style design accross the Pinterest or Instagram.

It’s so easy to decorate with this natural creature as you don’t have to limit yourself to one or two colours, there are plenty of ways to bring in vibrancy and why not do so with one of nature’s biggest beauties: the rainbow. The meteorological occurrence serves as a symbol of peace, happiness, and serenity, so bringing it inside will certainly spark more joy for the kids – and hopefully for you as well. Let us show you three different types of the rainbow theme – and you should tell us which rainbow nursery is your favourite one! 

colourful and vivid nursery room

The colourful and vivid rainbow nursery theme | You can choose any rainbow theme nursery decor or any accessories as the basis of the color scheme for the room. You should avoid too many primary colors while still sticking to the rainbow theme, but you still have so many options to use colours and pick the perfect items to the room. You can see a great example for the colourful and vivid rainbow theme nursery room above.

earth tone rainbow nursery room

The earth tone rainbow nursery theme | A nursery room that feels so warm and cozy you never want to leave. If you choose rainbow decor in these soft brown and beige colours, you won’t have the crowded feeling of the baby room instead of a peaceful place for your wonderful newborn baby.

boho style rainbow nursery room

The boho rainbow nursery theme | Do you love the desert colour scheme here in this amazing room? The shades of the hot desert meets the welcoming beige and brown tones of mother earth with a tiny piece of rainbow design. It’s all so soft here and looks so wonderful. 

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