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How to use the walls in a Scandinavian nursery like a pro

Have you ever been thinking of why those Scandinavian baby rooms look so well designed and peaceful? It’s so good for your eyes to watch them and you feel like you are in perfect harmony.

The answer is so simple: BALANCE.

One of the most important design tips and tricks for creating a Scandi style nursery room is about creating balance between the floor and the ceiling. Your eyes will translate the result as perfect harmony.

So there is only one thing to do now and that’s using the walls, I mean the full height of the room. We give you a list of options for great Scandinavian inspired decors and furniture and it’s your turn to adopt them for your Scandi style baby room. You shouldn’t choose only one from the list below but trying to make a mix of them in the room.

1) Wall art

Such an easy addition to your Scandi style nursery room! As the focal point of the room is the baby crib, you should hang some posters above it. Stay minimalist when choosing the right graphics but adding some personality { like your little One’s name } to the design is a good idea. Place a bigger one into the center or two or three smaller ones above the baby bed.

This kids room decor from KubemStudio makes a great addition to Scandinavian nursery interior design.

2) Wall decal

From the smallest patterns to the biggest ones – you’ll soon find yourself hesitating between wonderful wall decals. In order to stay minimalist the colours should be monochromatic like grey – black – white and as for the patterns you might looking for some geometric or woodland style. Whether you choose tall patterns like pine or small geometric shapes, keep in mind that less is more here.

Scandinavian pine tree wall decals with a large bear decal from SurfaceInspired.

3) Wall storage

The real Scandi style furniture is functional and looks so great while keeps the room neat. Wall mounted storage units can double as decor – for example pure canvas baskets in earth tones are a great addition to the neutral look and can double as toy storage.

A Scandinavian inspired wall hanging organizer with its natural colours is perfect for a neutral nursery, made by OdorsHome.

BONUS TIP: photo is taken by pastellmama – you can’t miss her stunning Instagram feed!

4) Wall hook

You simply can’t get enough of these kinds of hooks. A pair of them for the upcoming clothes around the changing table, some of them at a level your toddler can reach to be able to practice getting dressed and taking off clothes on his own. Oh yes, and you will need several of these Scandi style knobs for storing different toys as well. Wall hooks come in various shapes, we have chosen this cloud knobble to match the wall light below.

This cloud shape wall hook is made from sustainable birch plywood and hand-painted by helloknobbly.

5) Wall light

Soft materials like wood or canvas keep the Scandinavian style and look so simple but magical. This cloud-shaped wooden wall lamp will complete baby’s universe with warmth and a little fantasy. It will create soft, subdued lighting in a child’s bedroom, perfect for long winter evenings or storytelling.

It has been entirely hand carved from high quality, sustainable birch plywood made by HappyLittleFolksShop.

6) Growth chart

This elegant growth chart decorates any Scandi nursery in such a special way and makes it easy to follow your little ones growing milestones during their childhood.

The Feather Growth Chart is beautifully carved in oak veneer and made by Hagelens.

7) Wire wall sign

A customized wire sign is the best wall decor to add some fun besides functionality of the minimalist nursery room. Welcome your newborn baby with a ‘hello’ sign or create other positive words or messages. You can easily hang it on anywhere in the baby room, don’t forget to use it as a kind of focal point.

Handmade black wire ‘hello’ wall sign is made by HouseOfOwlsStore.

8) Stuffed animal head

Bringing nature inside a bit is essential part of Scandinavian interior design. Beside plants there are those wonderful animals children will love so much. Your kids can get to know forest animals at an early age and they can learn how to love them and think of them as friends.

These wonderful creatures made in high quality are from Akasito.

9) Plants on the wall

In Scandinavian interior design bringing nature and plants into the room is essential. We love the idea of saving up some space on the floor but adding a unique look to the nursery room at once. Not mentioning the importance of security – your crawling baby or a curious toddler cannot reach the plant to eat potting soil.

This vertical Garden Planter brings a splash of life to any wall by JamFurnitureDesign.

10) Blanket ladder

Placing a decor item on the floor and leaning it against the wall is such a big trick. A 5ft ladder made of natural wood painted half white for instance gives a real nordic look and feeling to the room. Remember, it’s not only a decor element, but serves as a stylish blanket holder.

This high quality stylish natural ladder is made by Barebirch.

+1) Garland

A pretty garland made of felt in minimalist Scandinavian style can spice up the area where you don’t want to fix anything onto the wall. Don’t forget to choose one in muted colours that fits well into the entire room.

If you are looking for a nordic style garland, these felt stars with wooden beads from OrdinaryDutchStudio will do the trick.

We hope you like this list of wall decors and now you can make a mix of them to design your Scandinavian style nursery room like a pro. For more wall decor ideas in the topic you can follow our Pinterest Board here:

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