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How to avoid accidents with baby around changing table

As a Mom-to-be you might have about 10.000 decisions to make when it comes to getting your house ready before your baby arrives in a couple of months. You might think you can never be prepared well enough.

Your head might be full of those questions like ‘Should you get a bassinet for the newborn in addition to the crib?’ and ‘Where should that changing table go to best facilitate your exhausted self in the middle of those long nights?’

Well, you are not the only Mama-to-be searching for answers. So let us ease your stress with some useful tips and answers around changing table so you will never have to worry about doing anything wrong or dangerous when it comes to changing the first diaper.

First things first, you need to be 100% sure that you have everything you could possibly need is there within an easy reach of the changing table. Sounds like no brainer but if you are with a baby sometimes your plans do not meet the reality.

The last thing you want to do is step away from the baby even for a second and risk him rolling off because you need to grab something clean to slide under his butt post-poop explosion.

Think of diapers, wipes and even more wipes (sometimes it seems you can’t have enough there) and also that pampering moisturizer.

But there are so much more to think of!

You can’t be wrong if you keep some baby clothes here – this is why a changing table with drawers can be a good choice, or at least a chest of drawers with a changing mat on the top of it. So you will not be surprised when it turns out: a baby body or the whole baby set needs to be changed. {Keep calm, it can happen so many times!}

Not suprisingly you need to store a million of diapers in a pretty way. You may need so many changes a day in the beginning that you can’t hide them but don’t want to store them on the table – even if there’s any space for them. Don’t forget that your tiny cute baby grows so fast and there won’t be enough place on the top of drawers, not mentioning those little curious cute hands searching for almost everything and grabbing almost anything there.

So the best solution you can have for an open storage that hides your stuff at the same time is a wall hanging organizer fixed around the changing table – at a height your baby cannot, but you can reach easily.

After changing the first diapers you might think – whoo, that’s so easy! But time flies and your baby grows really fast and has some new suprises for you. Believe me, even if you think you are well prepared, a changing of the changing mat in no time is not the fun part – and during the night?! So never forget to keep a new changing mat and some disposal versions of it around.

I know it’s so easy to use wet wipes and we do hope it will be enough for about forever or so. But as cute and tiny those babies are the bigger surprise they can make for us. Some cloth tissues can save your life if you have them close to the table.

As your baby grows, you become prouder and prouder as he starts playing with his hands, making faces, smiling at you and suddenly crawling and turning to the left and to the right. He doesn’t forget doing these brilliant things even on the changing mat. Now it’s your turn to be creative and find something for your baby he can pay attention to while you change the diaper. It’s not an easy thing at all. So beyond all the baby stuff you should keep some little toys around the changing table to be able to grab something quickly if necessary.

Hanging storage baskets at OdorsHome have such cute patterns that might be interesting for little babies and they can stare at them for a while. If that’s not enough, you can fill it with toys.

Now you might feel yourself a bit more prepared for all those upcoming diaper changes. And you know what you want to have around the changing table, so you might need more place for that – but do you have such a cute and functional diaper or baby stuff storage at once? Click HERE to shop our single hanging storage collection { including this cute panda bear face you saw in the photos above!}

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