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5 changing table accessories that fit into your Scandi style nursery

Sorry Mommas, this post is not about helping you getting rid of diaper duty, but we can help you find some accessories for making the place a bit more stylish and pretty.

Changing table attachment

First of all, you need a peaceful place in the baby room or in the bathroom where you can set a chest of drawers that can serve as a changing table. It’s highly recommended to have one in the style of the whole room so you can use it for a longer period of time when diapers won’t be a daily topic for you.

In no time at all the chest of drawers becomes a changing table. Why spend money on a changing unit that is no longer needed after a while? This super stylish changing table attachment from PuckdaddyShop is a life-saver and made from natural materials and transforms a traditional (IKEA) chest of drawers into a changing spot.

Changing pad cover

Once you have a theme for the nursery room or at least carefully selected colour shades you can’t risk to have a changing pad cover that doesn’t match with the entire room. It’s all because life with a newborn baby is pretty much related to the changing table – so you’ll spend a lot of time there in the beginning.

So you should look for a pad cover made of 100% cotton to pamper your baby’s skin and choose a pattern that gives a gentle finish to the whole nursery room. For a monochrome Scandinavian style baby room you will love this adventure theme changing pad cover from TheGigglingPeanut – but don’t stop here, they have so many other patterns to look. 

Wet wipes dispenser

We all know that wet wipes are as just important as diapers. Keeping them organized in a dispenser is incredibly useful but you might think now, okay, you’ll have one from the corner shop! You just don’t expect it to add any zazzle to your nursery. Let’s change this!

Believe it or not, this smart dispenser from Ubbi can solve more problems at once. It contains rubber seals, keeping wipes fresh and moist and a window to monitor remaining quantity – so you will never get in trouble with your baby and his suprises. Have we mentioned already that this stylish container comes in different colours as well?

Diaper caddy

Your chest of drawers under the changing pad might be quickly filled with baby clothes. I mean in no time. So your expectations on keeping some diapers in the upper drawer is not a good idea. Doubtless you will need a place to store diapers in a stylish way but somewhere at your hand.

A hanging fabric basket on wooden pegs from OdorsHome with this minimalist Scandi style pattern is your best friend when it comes to changing diaper for your baby.

Stylish basket

Even if you have a chest of drawers under the changing pad you can easily find yourself in need of an open storage basket or fabric bin { or even more } placed on the surface to grab the thing you need – using only one of your hands of course.

By choosing the minimalist Scandinavian design and lifestyle you might be a great enthusiast of ecofriendly things, so this stylish washable paper storage bag using ecofriendly screenprint inks  from WarmGreyCompany will be one of your favourites. Don’t forget to fill it with only 100% natural cosmetics and baby products to pamper your baby’s skin.

+ 1 | Scandi style baby rattle 

After some peaceful moments around the changing table soon you might realize that changing diapers and getting dressed are not among your little baby’s favourite things to do. You might need some tricks to calm him down or make him smile while you are doing your best to get all things done in no time. A tiny wooden rattle can help you – it makes such a gentle jingling sound that will amaze your baby and soon or later he will be able to hold it on his own.

Made of beech and covered with linseed oil it is the ideal first toy for babies to grasp, shake and chew. This heart shape wooden rattle is my favourite, but you will fall in love with those pretty shapes made by tinyfoxhole.


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