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10 items for the nursery room to make you feel more like a Scandinavian

Watching those well organized light kids rooms in pastel tones on Pinterest, you might easily fall in love with Scandinavian style. And you are totally right. Colours, shapes and materials have a great affect on our mood, so it really matters what we have around us and how we live.

That’s even more important in your baby’s room, however redesigning a whole room is not always a possible way.

There are still some options you can do to make a nursery room a place where you can feel a bit more like a Scandinavian.

However it’s a bit hard to catch that minimalist appeal of Scandinavian decor and design but if you are on the way to make the baby room a functional kid-friendly place with bright and clean modern style – I’m sure you are doing it right.

If you are not an all-at-once-person, here are some great ideas for a pretty start – an easy guide including only 10 items to get much closer to the look.

Use different kind of textures
It’s a special ingredient of the Scandinavian design. Just think about how many times you’ve seen a rug or blanket in a Scandi style nursery inspirational photo on Pinterest. Yes, you can’t miss a warm wool blanket or rug in matching colours – it’s a must.

This super thick beautiful sheepskin in an oyster cream shade is handpicked to ensure sumptuous, deep pile wool. A multitude of uses – from throws to accentuate a sofa, through to beautiful floor coverings, adding warmth and depth in the home.

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Don’t forget to pamper your baby with a heavenly soft organic baby blanket knitted from a luxury blend of Merino wool and finest alpaca. Your baby will fall in love with it from the first touch – and this is hands-down a wonderful design element in the crib.

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Say yes for soft decor
Go for more textures but keeping it in mind that it’s a baby room. So you can place some soft toys by staying still minimalist and well-organized. Try to use the base colour and its muted shades when searching for the plushies but do not overhelm the room with them either. One cutie onto the floating shelf, a baby pillow here and there will be enough.

Add some fun to the kids room with this sleepy eyes gray cloud pillow. Remember, it’s a baby room, you can’t have too much of cute things here.

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Choosing this pouff in ecru colour gives the room a wow effect. It’s so beautiful and adds such a special decor to the floor. Your toddler will love that crocheted ottoman from the first time and will enjoy moving it from one place to another to find a comfortable seat somewhere around you for reading or playing.

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Hide everything you can
In order to have a room with an always so well-organized look you will need storages. I mean a lot. It might not make any sense to store and hide everything in huge wardrobes and cabinets and behind doors. Put a floating shelf onto the wall and use that place for adding some Scandi style decorations to the room. For the toys and the baby stuff around the changing table you shouldn’t go with the ordinary –  have something unique, quirky, and creative. Bespoke bookshelves, patterned fabric totes, hooks, and pegs will do and give the room that smart Scandinavian feeling.

This Scandinavian inspired floating wall organizer is designed to help your floor space clean, and add an easily accessible and spacious basket for all the necessary baby stuff around the changing station or can hide the cutest baby toys.

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With it’s bold typographic design and monochrome palette this paper toy sack will fit in with all decor schemes and will be a real statement piece. You can quickly pick up and collect toys from the floor and drop them into this paper basket, so the room will look neat and tidy again which is an essential point of the Scandinavian design.

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Think of either the walls

Don’t forget to add some wall hangings on the vertical surface of the room. It’s not only the cheapest way to gain some Scandi look, but the most effective way as well. Have a look how big changes some wall decors can make in a room.

Quickest way to make biggest changes on design is to hang some Scandinavian style wall art on the wall. Find the focal point of the room and place the posters there as it will attract and lead your eyes to that part of the room.

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After decluttering the nursery room you might find it too airy, but don’t worry of that as soon you will feel better when you know everything has an own place and storage, so there’s no messy look at all. If you find a piece of wall however a bit too empty or without any function, you can add some wall decals that is also a super easy trick to spice up the whole design. With these modern geometric shapes you can follow the Scandinavian style for ‘lagom’, meaning just about enough but not too much.

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Add a warm glow

Finish your design with adding some magical warm lights to the room. Besides a ceiling lamp as a main source of light, hint some glow to different corners of the nursery.

Adding some lights to the baby room is also not a big effort but can make magical changes not only for the design but for your mood as well. If you have some spare space for that, use a floor lamp in order to create the balance between the floor and the ceiling.

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In the first few months no more light is needed into the nursery room when you cradle your newborn. You may have long nights spent with your baby, but hey, you can easily turn it so magical with this star shape wall light. Don’t forget to make a wish every single time you see it.

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Now you have made your first steps for turning a baby room into a functional but wondeful nordic place. If you need more inspiration for Scandinavian style nurseries, tap the photo below and head to our Pinterest collection of the theme.

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