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10 amazing wooden Scandinavian style items for your baby room

If you love handmade wooden items and are looking for modern Scandinavian style items carefully designed for babies and kids, finding the perfect items for the baby room or kids room can be so hard (to say the least!). But we have compiled a list of 10 amazing Scandi-inspired wooden items you will definetely love! Oh, we do so.

1. Noblewoodco // 2. solid&neat // 3. helloknobbly // 4. ElsRoom // 5. BadabloomCie // 6. OnMapleLane // 7. SABOconcept // 8. LanaCrocheting // 9. SewWildflowers // 10. MilkandCuddlesCo

1. Wooden peg rack |  I LOVE this brand for their minimalist look wooden items. Their wooden rack is awesome! Toddlers and kids have so many cute things to display on a wooden peg rack. Be sure to have one as a coat hanger in the entryway and one in the play room for all those costumes and toys that need a home! The possibilities are endless!

2. Wall hanging organizer | You might not be aware of it now, but you’ll have so many things to place and sort in a baby room. So be sure about it: you will want to do it in a nice and neat way. We’ve got you covered! Our wall hanging organizers lets you keep things sorted and look so well in your Scandi style nursery room.

3. Cloud shape wall hook | Such a simple but nice cloud shape wall hook that can be easily adjust to the wall almost anywhere in the room. It’s not as robust as a shelf but you can store some kids stuff on it. 

4. Wooden mountains kids room decor | You can’t miss some decors from a Scandinavian styled kids room – and this gorgeus set of wooden mountains is something like that. Just place it on a floating shelf and enjoy it. They will add a touch of whimsical, modern, Scandinavian style to any room.

5. Baby bird teething ring | Needless to say, small toys for little babies should be made carefully from natural materials. This cute and safe teething ring might be the favourite thing to chew for your baby.

6. Wooden baby name blocks | These amazing and naturally look wooden blocks make a very special personalized gift, or beautiful statement on your nursery shelves. We love it as it’s safe for babies even when they play with it: made from non-toxic, all-natural chemical free wood.

7. Cloud shape wooden night light | This adorable fluffy cloud will be such a great addition to your minimalist nursery room. Hop on the cloud and travel through the sky! Are you interested in more? Read our interview with SABO Concept.

8. Wooden baby gym | Look how stylish this baby gym is! The wooden and cotton crochet textures, contrasting colors of the toys, rattling crochet star will offer a fun distraction for your baby while encouraging it’s early hand eye coordination and sensory. 

9. Wooden toy camera | So popular nowadays as kids love it so much. Perfect for pretend play but looks so nice as a nursery or kids room decor in your Scandi style home. At least one thing you’ll have to hang on the wooden pegs and racks. 

10. Rainbow nursery print set | However you want to keep the baby’s room simple and neat, you can’t miss some prints from the wall. Place some modern wooden frames on the wall and fill it with these wonderful rainbows. We love them for their neutral colours.

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Looking for more handmade Scandinavian styled kids room storage? Visit our shop here to find your favourite colours and designs!

Look at these gorgeous wooden Scandinavian style items and find your favourite pieces for your neutral nursery. With these cuties it will be easy to set up a peaceful Scandi style baby room as seen on Pinterest.

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