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How to teach your toddler to tidy up?

If you are obsessed with Scandinavian style and design, you might be frustrated seeing your kids’ playroom with full of toys on a daily basis. Here are some tips and tricks how you can get your Scandi style nursery a neat and tidy place and teach your kid to tidy up at once.

One thing changes with having the first baby – and this is the clean house for sure. As soon as your little baby starts crawling, you would tidy, clean, tidy up and clean some more. And yet, everything is a bit of a mess shortly thereafter. Don’t worry, you are not alone with this problem called ‘motherhood‘.

Your better days might come around your kid’s 12 month-age that is a good time to start tidying up toys together. In case your child has those motor skills to pick smaller and bigger things up and can understand what you’re asking after playing, the earlier he does it, the better. It’s so much harder to teach good habits later.

You can save yourself so much time and the frustration of having to tidy up after your kids later if you encourage your toddler to keep his toys organized and put them away before starting a new game. Don’t you think that this is only for your convenience as reasearchers stated: the mindfulness of this activity develops an important area of the brain that’s associated with attention span, problem-solving, and mood and body regulation.

… oh, and don’t give up! Well, it won’t be the fastest way to clean his room, of course you would done it within a few seconds, but if you stay consistent and bring this activity in practise, he will eventually make it a habit of his own.

Make it fun!

Making cleaning and tidying up pleasant for the kid is the key. You can do it in several ways depending on your child’s personality but here are some great ideas for you to start.

You should choose a routine for putting toys away by starting it with a personalized rhyme like:

‘ And now after a joyful playing,

come on Harley, let’s start saying,

how these toys are going to sleep. ‘

This little rhyme will let him know that playing time is over and the room needs to be cleaned up. During the process you should encourage him by giving specific and easy to understand commands like ‘Please put that red circle into this basket’ or ‘Please bring me all the cars’ or ‘Let’s collect all the LEGO blocks now’.

You can use the music to make the activity a bit more fun. By singing a song will make the words and specific actions much easier to follow and both to learn and comprehend. Your toddler will love it and enjoy it so much! Neverthless you can use this song for just about everything – even in the laundry or in the kitchen.

Question: can your toddler resist this cute panda bear face on that hanging storage when tidying up?

You can do a lot for the success if you design the playroom for a toddler. You can use mainly open shelves at low levels so a toddler can reach the toys on his own and would proudly be able to put them away at the end of the day. I know you want to keep the room look as organized as you can, so plastic boxes and fabric bins and baskets that fit into cube shelves or can be placed next to each other on hanging shelves are the best to use and can hide small toys that would make a messy look.

Easy to use for toddlers – just grab the toys and drop into this cute sleeping bunny face hanging basket!

Best part yet to come! Don’t worry too much as children do not recognize this activity as a boring housework. If you are doing it right, they will enjoy to be your little helpers and find cleaning up toys as much fun as playing with them. You can help them a lot to encourage this feeling by placing easy to use storages with cute patterns like smiling faces collection from OdorsHome.

Functional, simple but pretty – this is what a Scandinavian nursery storage should be.

These hanging storages are so easy to attach onto the wall and you can place them almost anywhere in the room – even at a lower level to best fit for those tiny toddler hands. Kids just can’t stand dropping toys into these cute canvas baskets.

This collection from OdorsHome includes:

a monochrome panda bear face toy storage

a sleeping bunny face nursery basket

a smiling bear face fabric bin

Now, to ease your frustration of the ever messy playroom, choose a cute pattern and fix one or more of these Scandinavian inspired toy storages next to each other.

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