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Hey You! It’s Krisztina and Balázs here. We are the name and face behind this small business solid & neat. As you see, we are also known as a young couple with a cute boy struggling with sleepless nights and balancing between work and entertaining a 22 month old toddler – but hey! You Mom-fellow, you know what we are talking about.

Solid & neat was born as a way to help us express those simple ways we live our life. We prepared our very first wall hanging organizer back in 2011 at the time we moved into our new Home. We had such tiny places and rooms there with a small entryway where one person can step in at once, so we urgently needed space saving items and hacks. This is why we crafted a wall mounted vertical organizer and very soon found ourselves launching our first product on Etsy under the brand name of OdorsHome. As we grew more and more space saving and well designed items for baby nursery rooms and kids rooms were available for busy mothers at our small business.   

At solid & neat natural and pastel colours and functional design are what matter. We do believe that a peaceful home with light and neutral colours has a great affect on our mind and mood. This is why we focus on performing collections in beige and white tones, solid pastel colours and use natural and sustainable materials for our products.

It’s not just the colours that makes it solid & neat, it’s the exceptional detail that goes into every single product that is made by us in our home studio in Hungary.

Are you ready to be invited to our little universe of minimalist design and inspire you to bring a touch of those neutral and pastel colours into your own home? 

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